Christel is the founder of Agil’Inn. She is a Food Science & Technology Engineer with a pH.D in Food Sciences, who spent 20 years within R&D as a manager and innovation director in multinational companies (Nestlé, Unilever, Danone, JDE). Her role has been to set up more agile organisations while delivering new product experiences within several categories (dairy, beverages, culinary and coffee).

She is passionate about cooking and gastronomy and has always put her passion in her job to create unique product experiences to ever more demanding consumers.

Christel founded Agil’Inn in 2016. Agil’Inn is a consulting and interim management company specialized in Food and Beverages. Agil’Inn’s mission is to help Food Companies to change the way they do innovation to overcome the current revolution in the sector.

Since 2017, Agil’Inn has also partnered with Happyfeed to develop the Happyfeed Factory: a full innovation solution for companies who want to outsource their innovation from idea to launch.